I’m Ray 35 and from Cumbria , I was born and raised in the great border city of Carlisle.

As a young child myself and my brothers and sister would be taken on what we used to call “route marches” by my grandfather who had us walking miles and miles out in the countryside. These along with many others are the times that will stay with me forever. No matter the location or the weather my grandfather would always have with him his camera and always a spare film or two.

My love for photography has definitely been handed down from him. After my grandfather passed I always promised myself I would continue making and most of all capturing memories through a lens.

For many years I only had the resources to capture my photography by using my mobile phone. until one day (just over 2 years ago) I visited my mum and dad who handed me my first canon DSLR!! Right there and then my dreams had became a reality. From that moment I felt at one again with my grandfather.

Everything in one way or another inspires me with my photography be it textures, colours, shapes etc I always tried to think outside the of the box and capture the moment from a different prospective or angle but also capture natural moments.

I captured the image above that I named “The lonely horse” just outside the little village of Caldbeck. Initially I set out to capture the mysterious thick fog that had settled and covered just the village itself. As I was walking down the road I noticed the lonely horse standing perfectly framed by the frosty bushes with out a moments though I turned my shutter speed up and snapped a handful of shots. To this day this is still the capture I am most proud of. To me also the image puts into perspective the whole 2020 isolation situation we have all dealt with.

I chose the name Mondo Ghecko Photography for my photography work you can find me on Facebook and Instagram all of my images are available to buy as prints from Etsy. Please contact me if you have any question's or if you are looking for a landscape photographer in Cumbria.

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