Superlove Merino was founded during the particularly frozen winter of 2012, in the English Lake District by - Becky Sayer, an English textile and garment designer for whom every problem is an invitation to create; and Suse Fletcher a Kiwi wool-geek with a penchant for perfect products and a background in merino wool marketing & development. As long-time merino converts (once tried you can never go back) they knew the life changing power that really good merino garments bring, a luxe layer of softness next to skin, regulating body temperature and insulating naturally without any bulk. 
 They can't live without theirs and they wanted to wrap their beloved babies in the same. But while the merino products available for little ones at the time were soft enough, they were not particularly substantial and certainly didn't cut it if you stepped out of doors, they needed the proper stuff. The result was Superlove Merino, Britain's first range of performance merino clothing for babies, toddlers and kids aged 0-6 years designed especially for the British and European Climate.
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